Exam References
These books cover significant parts of the Body of Knowledge (BOK). ASQ Certification Board does not endorse any one particular reference source.

--  Arter, How To Audit the Process-Based QMS, ASQ Quality Press, 2003.
--  Arter, Quality Audits for Improved Performance, 3rd Edition, ASQ Quality Press, 2003
--  Kausek, Management System Auditor's Handbook , ASQ Quality Press, 2006
--  Palmes, Process Driven Comprehensive Auditing: A New Way to Conduct ISO 9001:2008
     Internal Audits, 2nd Edition, ASQ Quality Press, 2009
--  Pronovost, Internal Quality Auditing,  ASQ Quality Press, 2000
--  ReVelle, Quality Essentials: A Reference Guide from A to Z, ASQ Quality Press, 2004
--  Russell, The ASQ Auditing Handbook, 3rd ed: ASQ Quality Audit Division, ASQ Quality Press,
--  Russell, After the Quality Audit: Closing the Loop on the Audit Process, 2nd Edition, ASQ Quality
     Press, 2000
--  Russell, ed., The Internal Auditing Pocket Guide Preparing, Performing, and Reporting, ASQ
     Quality Press, 2003
--  Russell, ed., The Process Auditing Techniques Guide, ASQ Quality Press, 2003
--  Sayle, Management Audits, Third Edition, 1997, Allan Sayle Associates
--  Siebels, The Quality Improvement Glossary, ASQ Quality Press, 2004
--  Tague, The Quality Toolbox, 2nd ed, ASQ Quality Press, 2004

o--  ASQ/ANSI/ISO 19011:2011, Guidelines for auditing management systems

o--  Scholtes, The Team Handbook, 3rd ed., 2003
o--  Brassard, The Memory Jogger II, Goal/QPC, 1994
--  Campanella, Principles of Quality Costs, Third Edition, ASQ Quality Press, 1999
--  Federow, Quality Practices and the Law, Productivity Press, ed 3 1997. IBSN 0527763071
--  Gyrna, Quality Planning and Analysis, 5th ed., NY, McGraw-Hill, 2007
--  Juran, Juran's Quality Handbook, 5th ed., NY: McGraw-Hill, 1999

--  Levinson, Lean Enterprise: A Synergistic Approach to Minimizing Waste, ASQ Quality Press, 2002
--  MacInnes, The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger, Goal/QPC, 2002

Questions on the test are required to be referenced from the published list. A hyperlink 'Exam References' is provided for further information.  I have arranged the books into categories for your convenience.

Please note that the two reference handbooks sponsored by ASQ National for CSQE and CQA.  What better way to make more money than to ask questions on the test from these books!  My course will be sufficient to educate you on what you need to know for the CQA.

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