Certified Manager of Quality (CMQ) & Organizational Excellence (OE) Refresher Course Agenda

Every week will include a lecture on a section of the BOK and a practice test from the previous week's section. We will also write an essay every week. The number one reason for not passing is due to failing the essay portion of the quality exam. Certified Quality Manager students are encouraged to write as many essays as possible and submit them for evaluation.

Session 1:   Introductions, books, overview of exam, course, and the BOK. What is needed to pass this exam? Why Essays? Pre-test and discussion

Session 2:   BOK Part I (25 Questions): Chapters 1-4: Leadership:

Lecture, Pre-test and discussion, Constructed Response

What do we mean by organizational Culture? How do Quality Managers influence it? Basic Organizational structures. Change Management. Why Teams? Team-building and Evaluation. ASQ Code of Ethics Review.

Session 3:   BOK Part II (15 Questions): Chapters 5-7: Strategic Planning Development & Deployment.

Lecture, Practice Test (I), and discussion. Constructed Response

Understanding the complexities of the business environment, importance of the strategic plan, and the Quality influence on it through metrics, resource deployment, and project selection.

Session 4:   BOK Part III (32 Questions): Chapters 8-12: Mgt. Elements & Methods

Lecture, Practice Test (II), and discussion. Constructed Response

Management principles, styles, and theories. Functional interdependence in the organization. Communication skills and the Quality Management System. QMS templates and standards. The Quality Management Gurus and their Philosophies.

Session 5:   BOK Part IV (28 Questions): Chapters 13-15: Quality Mgt. Tools

Lecture, Practice test (III) and discussion, Constructed Response

Review of some classic and management tools. Cost-of-Quality. Process management and improvement. Measurement, variation, and metrics. Process Capability. Surveys and other assessment strategies.

Session 6:   BOK Part V (20 Questions): Chapters 16-17: Customer-Focused Organizations

Lecture and discussion, Practice test (IV), Constructed Response

Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Voice of the Customer and how we learn to listen to and deploy it. Customer segregation and management.

Session 7:   BOK Parts VI (15 Questions) & VII (15 Questions): Chapters 18-19: Supply Chain Management & Training & Development

Lecture, Practice tests (V/VI/VII) and discussion, Constructed Response

Selection and management of suppliers. Certifications, partnerships, alliances, and the monitoring of performance.

Training and needs analysis. The importance of training effectiveness evaluation. Training methods. Adult learning theories.

The Exam:    Closed Book Constructed Response; Choose 2: 45 minutes

Open Book Multiple Choice: 150 Questions: 195 minutes

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