Topics for the Constructed-Response (Essay) Portion of the Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Exam

Candidates will be presented with three open-ended questions from which they can select the two that they prefer to answer. Candidates will have 45 minutes in which to write responses to the two chosen situations. Prior to the start of the constructed-response portion of the exam, candidates will be given 5 minutes to review and select their situations. Candidates may split their time spent on the problems as they like. Their responses will be graded on their knowledge of quality management as it relates to the content areas listed below and in the following skills and abilities: communication, critical-thinking, personnel management, general management.

CR-1. Leadership
Demonstrate knowledge of the quality manager's role in organizational leadership and as quality champion and customer advocate. Deploy change agent strategies in support of organization-wide continuous improvement efforts. Develop teams and participate on them in various roles.

CR-2. Strategy Development and Deployment
Develop and maintain organizational focus on the importance of quality and performance excellence. Create quality policies and procedures in support of the strategic plan, and integrate those policies and processes into the tactics developed to support the strategic plan.

CR-3. Management
Demonstrate management abilities in human resources, financial, risk, and knowledge management applications. Use effective communication methods in various situations to support continuous improvement efforts. Select and use appropriate tools and methodologies to plan, implement, and evaluate projects. Develop, deploy, and evaluate quality plans that can be used throughout the organization. Evaluate and recommend appropriate quality models or systems to implement in various situations.

CR-4. Customer Focus
Identify and segment customers using a variety of criteria and tools. Identify and prioritize product or service design and development on the basis of customer requirements and feedback. Solicit customer input proactively and combine with market analysis and other research to achieve organizational goals, etc. Use customer expectations and feedback to manage continuous improvement projects.

CR-5. Supplier Management
Develop and implement supplier management systems from selection process through partnership agreements. Identify methods for assessing supplier performance at various levels of customer-supplier relationships.

CR-6. Training and Development
Demonstrate knowledge and ability in developing, implementing, and evaluating needs assessment, training delivery methods, and outcomes of training efforts.

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