One of the keys to continual improvement is permanent corrective action. I have seen various levels of corrective action responses, but very few that follow through and permanently resolve the problem. Hence, the organization continues to operate in fire-fighting mode – chasing a problem that returns again and again. There are several reasons why problems reoccur, and
most of them I am sure you know already:

  • Allowing interim actions to temporarily fix the root cause
  • There is more than one root cause
  • No verification that the action was taken
  • No controls in place to prevent the problem from happening again

In responding to corrective action requests, there are two options with their own consequences.

  1. The Quality Manager can try to respond to the corrective actions, but discover:
    – Not all of the information is available
    – He/she does not have the authority to make the needed changes
  2. The second option is to assign the corrective action to the persons responsible for the solution.
    – Of course, we all know that Everyone blames the Operator for the problem
    and then the problem is considered closed 😉

The next logical step is to conduct a Corrective Action / Root Cause Analysis Training Class. Everybody in the organization attends the class and is able to conduct root cause analysis and in turn, resolve corrective actions. The root cause analysis training even runs through some actual examples. Everyone appears to understand until the first corrective action response is read by the Quality Manager after the class. It is only slightly better than before the root cause analysis class.

Verdict: What you don’t use, you lose.

This is why I developed a Corrective Action Response Checklist (see below) – a tool intended to be used after the root cause analysis class so that by answering the questions, an appropriate response can be formulated.

Root Cause Analysis Training Testimonials:

“Robin’s root cause analysis training was just what our company needed. It combined the perfect mix of introducing new techniques along with practical application all in a fun atmosphere that kept the audience engaged.”

Jeff Calafiore
Quality Manager
Environmental Express Inc.

“I work in the Quality field and I have an unending need to continue to learn as much as I can about Root Cause, corrective action. Sometimes I truly wonder why…but, honestly I love it! The journey began a few years ago, and honestly it is a passion for sure.

While researching I came across the “Corrective Action Responses- Just Tell Me What You Want Me to Put Down?” white paper, and I just had to say how fantastic I felt the information was.

This process is so very important! If you have any other similar documents I would love to read them.”

Theresa Whitwell
Quality Assurance Investigator
Arnprior Aerospace Inc.

“Very informative! Learned the process of finding out the cause of an issue through the root cause analysis training course.”

Sandy McLaughlin
Quality Tech.
Environmental Express Inc.

Corrective Action Response Checklist (PDF)
Corrective Action / Root Cause Analysis Training Class Information
Corrective Action / Root Cause Analysis Training Class Agenda