Are you a software quality engineer working on building your career? Becoming certified may be an asset for you as it is a testament to your professional skills. Being a Certified Software Quality Engineer confirms your commitment to your company’s quality and the positive impact it has on your organization. Gaining a certification from ASQ helps you to advance your career and boosts your organization’s bottom line through your quality skills. Certification also provides you with the opportunity to network with other quality professionals and expand your knowledge.

What is Value to your Company?

CSQEs who improve software quality drive real business benefits. Companies investing in employee training and formalized processes can yield significant, positive returns. Some of these returns are financial by avoiding losses due to software quality problems. Others are less tangible such as customer confidence and satisfaction.

What is the Value to You?

Certified Software Engineers (CSQE’s) with three to five years of experience make an average salary of $116k per year; compared to those without who make approximately $107k (national average) as per the December 2018 ASQ Quality Progress Salary Survey.  No comparison was made in the 2019 survey.

There are major career advancement benefits to individuals that choose to become Certified Software Quality Engineers. Their enhanced skill set qualifies them for more positions in industries with a growing demand for advanced quality processes in automotive, utility, and energy.

A Certified Software Quality Engineer has a proven understanding of software quality development and implementation, software inspection, testing, verification, and validation. They are also skilled in implementing software development and maintenance processes and methods through their CSQE Certification.

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