Many businesses believe that quality assurance and quality control are the same. However, quality control is only one segment of quality assurance. Quality assurance focuses on all the processes that can affect quality, while the main focus of quality control is inspection.

Quality assurance is essential for your company as it directly impacts your business relationship with your customers. Poor quality assurance likely means that your customers will not keep doing business with you and they will portray you as an unreliable source.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure that your employees have the tools and knowledge to perform their tasks and inspect their work. At IQPS, we offer training courses for individuals to improve their quality assurance knowledge through both onsite and online classes. Some of these quality training courses include, Certified Quality Auditor, Internal Auditor Training Manufacturers Based, IT Internal Auditor Training Software Development, and ISO 9001:2015 Training.

IQPS also offers consulting, training, and internal auditing services to companies looking to improve their business management systems and improve their quality assurance. We provide support to small and large companies to reduce the load on their internal staff resources. Innovative Quality Products and Systems can be your outsourced internal auditor for product quality standards, ISO recertification needs, or providing remote internal auditing services.

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