During these unprecedented times, we are continuing to offer our quality internal auditing services and online courses. We want to ensure all industries that cannot facilitate on-site audits or attend quality courses can continue to meet industry quality standards. We believe it is important to maintain quality certifications since it is crucial for your company to continue to manufacture your products and to have customer service to be set with quality guidelines. IQPS ensures that you receive the same level of quality expertise and insight in a safe, flexible, and efficient manner.

The structure of our internal audits will remain the same, as we will still review all information with our clients to make sure of ongoing compliance with quality regulations during your remote internal audit. While the assessment is occurring, you may not need to be available, but instead, schedule a web-conference to go over all information once the assessment is done. For your web-conference, it is recommended that both parties use screen sharing and a webcam. This will reduce the amount of data and information that must be transferred back and forth between the client and auditor. You also may need to email or file share documentation to our Quality Assessor/Auditor during your web-conference. All your information is securely managed with our existing confidentiality and data privacy policies.

At Innovative Quality Products and Systems, we offer our quality online courses that can be completed anywhere in the world. Our courses will assist you to prepare for your ASQ Certification exams, receiving internal audit recertification, and enhancing your skills with auditor training online. The following online courses are for individuals who work in the quality assurance industry, Certified Software Quality Engineering CSQE Exam Prep Course, Certified Quality Auditor CQA Self Study Exam Prep Course, Internal Auditor Training Manufacturing Based Course, IT Internal Auditor Training Software Development Course, and ISO 9001:2015 Training Course.

If you have any questions about IQPS internal auditing services or online courses, please call us Toll Free at 800.540.9758 or email us at info@iqps.net