Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor may be an asset for you, as it is a testament to your professional skills. Being a Certified Internal Auditor showcases your commitment to your company’s accountability practices and implementing safeguard assurances in your organization. Gaining a certification helps you to advance your career and boosts your organization’s bottom line through your quality skills. Certification with ASQ after our internal audit training also provides you with the opportunity to network with other professionals and expand your knowledge.

Certified Internal Auditors with one to three years of experience make an average salary of $73k per year; compared to those without who make approximately $48k (national average) as per the December 2020 ASQ Quality Progress Salary Survey.

There are career advancement benefits to individuals that choose to become Certified Internal Auditors. Their enhanced skill set qualifies them for more positions in industries with a growing demand for advanced quality processes in banks, insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

A Certified Internal Auditor has an in-depth understanding of the processes, policies and procedures of an organization. They are also skilled in providing operational knowledge and industry insights and help secure transparency and accountability through their Internal Auditor Certification.

Are you ready to become a Certified Internal Auditor?

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