Corrective Action Training for Your Business

Root Cause Analysis, often referred to as RCA, is an important quality improvement approach that is used to identify, understand, and resolve any root causes of problems.

The exact definition of the approach is “An objective, thorough, and disciplined methodology employed to determine the most probable underlying causes of problems and undesired events within an organization with the aim of formulating and agreeing corrective actions to at least mitigate if not eliminate those causes and so produce significant long-term performance improvement.”

Root Cause Analysis covers three basic types of causes:

1. Physical Causes – Tangible items that have failed in some way
2. Human Causes – People did something wrong or did not do something that was needed.
3. Organizational Causes – A system, process, or policy that people use to make decisions or do their work is not working correctly.

Our Root Cause Analysis Training will help you to investigate all three types of causes to uncover flaws in the system and to figure out how specific actions contributed to the problem.

Reasons for Businesses to Implement Root Cause Analysis Training:

  • Provides long term quality improvement and performance
  • Helps to prevent reoccurring problems
  • Eliminates quick fixes with solutions that will truly solve the issue

Who Should Attend Our Root Cause Analysis Training?

  • Organizations that wish to move away from firefighting to a problem elimination approach
  • Owners or operators who have recently had an incident or near miss at a facility
  • Quality managers, quality engineers, software engineers, or anyone that wishes to apply the root cause analysis methods and techniques to solve problems within their organizations

How to Get Started with Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis training is only one day; however, you will be provided with a 7-step corrective action process checklist for use after the class. Our RCA course is unique, since it can be personalized to your specific industry. You can check out our RCA outline or simply sign up online for our RCA training.