An organization whose team of professionals understands how to continue an effective flow of production is beneficial not only to them, but to the customers and the organization itself.

The main role of an internal auditor for software development is to help the organization reach its objectives. This trained professional can confirm effective implementation of an organization’s processes and identify any process improvements. Internal software auditors’ efforts might focus on a major release or change to assure repeatable processes and ultimately customer satisfaction. Software internal audits assure compliance to ISO 9001:2015 or any other certification like CMMI appraisals.

IT auditors for software development are trained to:

  • Identify IT processes
  • Develop a process map in relation to ISO 9001:2015 or any certification
  • Create an internal audit schedule based on IT processes
  • Construct and use an audit checklist to applicable certification
  • Practice auditing techniques through case studies
  • Manage internal conflicts
  • Write reports and findings

IT auditors contribute largely to the process flow of an organization and confirm compliance to internal requirements. Those who take the IQPS IT Internal Auditor Training class are trained to provide a more value-added process audit which follows the audit trails to uncover opportunities. Internal auditing is a small but important role that contributes to repeatable processes, reliable software, and satisfied customers.

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IQPS offers IT Internal Auditor Training for individuals looking for a better understanding of the process approach. We offer online training for certification. This IT internal auditor course provides comprehensive presentations of case studies, IT auditing techniques, checklist development, and more. Sign up today!