An IT auditor serves an important role for corporations, businesses, and organizations. Simply put, an IT auditor assesses potential risks that a client may encounter with their IT system [1]. As they continually evaluate risks, internal IT auditors keep up to date with the latest technology and compliance regulations and identify weaknesses and improvements to IT systems.

Corporations rely on IT auditors to interpret and communicate complicated technical issues, new compliance regulations, analyze data, and be well-informed on the latest technology and trends.

To achieve clients’ needs, an IT auditor will prepare an audit plan to achieve the desired audit objective [1]

  • Gathering data by interviewing department employees
  • Comparing procedures to IT department standards
  • Creating and customizing actionable plans to improve IT systems
  • Evaluating internal control to keep data secure from internal and external threats
  • Performing audits of a corporation’s technologies and processes
  • Safeguarding sensitive information
  • Identifying system weaknesses and breaches in technology
  • Performing audit testing
  • Traveling to client sites

An IT auditor’s responsibilities extend to software, networks, programs, cybersecurity systems, communications systems, and more. Some corporations have their own internal IT auditor, while other corporations hire external IT auditors to evaluate their IT systems. Either way, both are extremely beneficial to the security and effectiveness of an IT system. Overall, an IT auditor’s activities focus on their clients’ internal controls and processes in an effort to maintain integrity, availability, and compliance.

Without an independent review from IT auditors, technological infrastructure risks system breakdowns and security leaks. They are a critical component for corporations, businesses, and organizations.

Are you ready to become an IT Internal Auditor?

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