Auditors with a CQA certification are professionals who understand the standards and principles of auditing and the auditing techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating, and reporting to determine a quality system’s adequacy and deficiencies [1]. Being a certified quality auditor is a great way to prove your skills and gain a competitive edge in your career.

To earn this certification, you must pass the CQA Exam.

The CQA is a one-part, multiple choice exam that is 5 hours and 18 minutes long. The exam is open book, and participants must bring their own reference materials. The CQA exam consists of 150 questions over five sections [1].

Part I: Auditing Fundamentals (28 questions)
Part II: Audit Process (44 questions)
Part III: Auditor Competencies (24 questions)
Part IV: Audit Program Management and Business Applications (30 questions)
Part V: Quality Tools & Techniques (24 questions)

The CQA is an important exam to pass if you want to further your career. IQPS provides internal auditor courses and study tips to make sure you pass the exam on the first attempt.

  1. Create A Personalized Study Guide: Everyone has different learning methods, so it’s important to find the study habits that benefit you! 
  1. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Knowing which areas you excel in can help you determine what topics you need to spend the most time studying. 
  1. Take Practice Exams: Understanding the format of the CQA is critical to understanding of what kind of questions to expect. 
  1. Time Yourself When Taking Practice Exams: Timing yourself during a practice exam will help you develop a good pace. This way you will have time to answer every question during the CQA. 
  1. Take Notes: During practice courses and exams, take notes on what confuses you so you can return to those topics.

 If you are interested in becoming a certified quality auditor, IQPS offers comprehensive courses that prepare you for certification. Visit our courses page to learn more!


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