Certified Software Quality Engineers are professionals who understand software quality development, understand software inspection, and implement software processes that add value for users [1] and their employer.

To earn your CSQE certificate, you must meet the following requirements and pass the
CSQE exam[1].

  1. Candidates that wish to take the CSQE exam must have eight years of full-time, paid experience in one or more areas of the Certified Software Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. Out of those eight years, three years must be in a “decision-making” position where a candidate is responsible for controlling and executing projects or processes.
  2. If a candidate has a diploma or degree, then they can waive some of the eight-year experience required.Diploma from Technical or Trade School – 1 year waived
    Associate Degree – 2 years waived
    Bachelor’s Degree – 4 years waived
    Master’s or Doctorate – 5 years waived

Once you meet the CSQE requirements, then you can start preparing for the CSQE exam by taking courses and practice exams.

The CSQE certificate offers many benefits that will help you stand out in the job market. Individuals that have a CSQE certificate have qualified for more job positions that allow them to use their creative and technical expertise to carry out innovative ideas.

If you are interested in earning your CSQE certificate, IQPS offers a CSQE training course that will teach you all the aspects of software quality engineering. The fundamentals discussed improves your understanding of the software development process and management.

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