Why Become A Certified Internal Auditor?

An internal auditor certification is beneficial for both employees and employers. Individuals can enjoy both personal and professional benefits that come from being certified and companies can obtain the business rewards from certified employees.

Benefits for Individuals Earning Their Internal Auditor Certification

  • Differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge on others in your field
  • Enhance your career opportunities and earning capacity
  • Increase peer and leadership confidence in you
  • Expand your professional network

Benefits for Employers That Have Certified Internal Auditor Employees

  • Employing certified individuals can promote more predictable results in obtaining organizational goals
  • Certification allows companies to prove an employee’s knowledge
  • Supporting certification programs proves to employees that you value their professional development

What does it mean to be a Certified Internal Auditor?

After passing the internal auditing training course final exam with at least an 80% pass rate, the participant is presented with a certificate indicating passage of the course and given credit for 16 hours of study (or 1.6 RU’s). This internal auditor training course can satisfy any Registrar for internal auditor training requirements for ISO Registration.

Are you ready to become a Certified Internal Auditor?

We offer convenient online internal auditing courses, as well as onsite course options, such as ourĀ Internal Auditor Training Manufacturers Based Course. Sign up today for internal auditor training and remember that if you have 3 or more people in your group you will receive a 10% discount!