The first ASQ certification was developed and offered in 1968. [1] The program has now grown to over 15 certifications, including CQA and CSQE. Read on to learn some tips and tricks that can help you to pass your ASQ Auditor Certification Exam.

Preparing for The ASQ Certification Exam

Not Reading the BoK thoroughly – An important first step is to read the BoK carefully before planning your preparation for the exam. [1] BoK stands for Body of Knowledge, which is the sum of knowledge accepted on a subject according to ASQ. This is one of the agenda items covered in the IQPS Certified Quality Auditor preparation course.
Being Unaware of ASQ Exam Preparation Aids and Practice Tests – ASQ Practice exams can help you test your knowledge for a specific certification and help you find any areas that you may need to review again. IQPS offers free practice tests for CSQE and CQA to help students prepare for their upcoming ASQ exams.

ASQ Exam Strategy

Selecting The Wrong Open-Book Materials – There is no limit to how many books you can take to the exam. The only books not allowed by ASQ during the exam are resources containing a question & answer format. Your exam proctor could strictly interpret the policy and disallow some of the materials you bring, so do not rely on open books too much. [1] Since the ASQ exam questions require application of knowledge and experience, the IQPS auditor training courses focus on practical case studies.
Not Utilizing Practice Exams Before to Help You Learn How to Manage Your Time – IQPS online practice tests for the auditor training courses can help you discover how you will want to dedicate your time during the exam. Ideally, you’ll complete the exam in 75 to 80% of the allotted time, using the balance for reviewing answers. [1] This is important so that you do not spend too much time reviewing your answers and not completing the actual test.

Taking the ASQ Exam

Lacking Confidence – If you have prepared for the ASQ Exam by taking IQPS auditor training online, then you have reviewed everything that you will need for your test. You can feel ready knowing that you have completed an auditor training course created by one of the most qualified quality professionals in the world!
Not Following The 30-60-90 Seconds Rule – On your first round through the exam, answer all the 30-second questions. If you need more than 30 seconds to figure out an answer, move to the next question. Once all the 30-second questions are answered, use the same approach to answer the 60-second ones. The following round is for questions that take 90 seconds. Lastly, address the questions that take two minutes or longer to answer. [1]

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