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ISO Internal Auditing Course Information

This self-study ISO Internal Audit Training course is based on the successful classroom-based Internal Auditing Course. A certificate of internal auditor competence is provided. After passing the final exam with at least an 80% pass rate, the participant is presented with a certificate indicating the passage of the internal auditing course. This will give the participant credit for 16 hours of study (or 1.6 RU’s) of internal auditor training.

16-hour (1.6 RU’s) internal auditing course provides a comprehensive presentation of

  • ISO 9001:2015 overview
  • Identification of Processes
  • Internal Auditing Techniques
  • Checklist Development
  • 3 Practical Case Studies
  • Competency Exam

The practical ISO internal auditor training course presents case studies to teach the finer points of internal auditing, such as selecting the internal audit trail to follow and following this trail through the process. Keep in mind that the internal auditor training process may crossover into other departments. Case studies include Sales, Quality Planning, and Production Processes.

In this ISO Internal Auditing Course, participants will learn:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Training familiarization
  • How to identify internal auditing processes
  • Develop a process matrix for your organization
  • Develop an internal audit schedule based on processes
  • Develop and use an internal audit checklist (helpful for novices)
  • Practice internal auditing techniques through case studies
  • Write an internal audit report
  • Write an internal audit finding

Who should take this self-study ISO Internal Audit Training Course:

  • Quality Managers looking for a better understanding of the process approach and how to plan internal audits will benefit from this internal auditing course
  • Quality Managers or Internal Auditors needing internal auditor training on process audits
  • Internal Auditors looking for an internal auditing course to improve their understanding and process auditing skills
  • Any individual who wants to become an internal auditor and cannot attend a formal classroom will benefit from the Internal Auditor Training
  • Any individual who wants to gain credit hours towards maintaining certification in internal audits

Cost is only $295 per person for this internal auditor training course
3 or more people – 10% discount on this internal audit course

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ISO Internal Auditor Training Testimonials

“…The case studies included in this internal auditor training were extremely helpful in understanding how to ask questions and how to follow an audit trail. As a new internal auditor, this training has been very helpful and much less expensive than the other alternatives I found. Robin is also readily available for questions and even checks-in to see how things are going. Overall, a great internal auditing course.”
Cara Kellerman, Operations Assistant
Total Seed Production, Inc., Indiana

“…I thought the online internal auditing course was valuable! Even a seasoned auditor can learn things from this class.”
Bob Morgan – AEHR Test Systems, CA