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Our internal audit training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an IT internal auditor and perform effective assessments within your organization.

IT Internal Auditing Course Information

The IT Internal Auditor Software Training course is based on the successful classroom-based Internal Auditing Course. This software internal audit training course is a 16-hour (1.6 RU’s) course that provides a comprehensive presentation of:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Overview
  • Identification of IT Internal Auditing Processes
  • IT Internal Auditing Techniques
  • Development of IT Internal Auditor Checklist
  • 3 Practical Software Internal Auditor Training Case Studies
  • Online Software Auditing Competency Exam
  • Risk-Based Management in an IT internal audit course setting

Practical software internal audit training case studies are presented in this online software auditing course to teach the finer points of online software auditing. An example of what you will learn in this IT internal auditor training course is selecting the risk-based internal audit trail to follow and following this trail through the online software auditing process. Keep in mind that the IT internal auditing process may crossover into other departments. Online software IT internal auditor case studies that will be discussed in this internal auditing course include SDLC processes: Product Development, Design & Development, and Verification & Validation to upgrade software into HIPAA compliance.

Participants of the IT Internal Auditor Course will learn:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Training familiarization
  • How to identify IT processes
  • Develop a process matrix for your IT organization
  • Develop an internal audit schedule based on IT processes
  • Develop and use an internal audit checklist (helpful for novices in the IT auditor course)
  • Practice online software auditing techniques through case studies
  • Write an internal audit report
  • Write an internal audit finding

Who should take this self-study Software Internal Audit Training IT Auditor Course:

  • Software Quality Managers looking for an internal auditing course that will give them a better understanding of the process approach and how to plan internal audits
  • Quality Managers or Internal Auditors needing software internal auditor training on process audits
  • Internal Auditors or IT Software Auditors who need more software internal auditor training and desire an IT internal audit course to improve their understanding and process auditing skills
  • Any individual who wants to become an internal auditor and cannot attend a formal classroom will benefit from this online software internal audit course
  • Any individual who wants to gain credit hours towards maintaining certification in internal audits

We look forward to helping you with your internal audit training!

Cost is only $295 per person for this IT internal audit training.
3 or more people – 10% discount on this IT internal audit course

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IT Internal Auditor Training Testimonials

“…The IT auditor course is delivered in a simple, structured and understandable way. It is very useful for newbies, who have good knowledge of their business anyway, but are new in internal audit. The online software auditing course perfectly outlines the directions and initial actions needed to set up a system of Internal Audit from scratch.”
Orest Kuzemko
Fort Myers, Florida