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Get prepared for ASQ certification exams, receive internal audit recertification, or improve your company with onsite courses by Innovative Quality Products and Systems (IQPS). Our onsite courses — Certified Software Quality Engineering, Internal Auditing, ISO 9001, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action, and TS-16949 Executive Management Overview — are offered at relevant work sites for practical training. Courses are taught by Robin Dudash, certified in CQM/OE, CSQE, CRE, CQE, CQA, CCT, ANAB-LA, and IATF-LA. Click on the courses below for more information.

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The Certified Software Quality Engineering Training course is based on the ASQ Body of Knowledge and provides a comprehensive presentation of all aspects of software quality engineering in preparation for the Certified Software Quality Engineer CSQE Examination, an exam that is offered by ASQ twice a year in June and December. The fundamentals discussed will improve your understanding of the software development process, and management for continuous improvement.

Practical experience is drawn upon to teach the finer points of project management such as managing stakeholder expectations, planning, and managing risk. The ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 9000-3 guideline for software development are discussed in detail, including their application to contractual supplier management.

Certified Software Quality Engineering CSQE Course Agenda
Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash, President & Instructor of IQPS, CQM/OE, CSQE, CRE, CQE, CQA, CCT, ANAB-LA, IATF-LA, MBA
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Onsite course conducted at:

  • Bombardier Transportation – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Union Switch & Signal (now part of Ansaldo STS) – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(price for onsite internal auditor course is based on attendance)

In this internal auditing course, we will be using your company’s own case studies. We will discuss, understand and conduct process audits in this onsite internal auditor course.

Internal Auditing Course Agenda
Internal Auditing Course Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash
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Onsite Internal Auditor Training Course conducted at:

  • Areva Transmission & Distribution, Inc. – Charleroi, Pennsylvania
  • Dalton Corporation – Kendallville, Indiana
  • Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Automation, North America (California, New York, Pennsylvania and Minnesota sites)
  • Tru-Die Cast Corporation – New Troy, Michigan
  • ECORE International – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • KH Controls, Inc. – Blairsville, Pennsylvania
  • NIOSH – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Hoerbiger Automotive Comfort Control Systems LLC – Auburn, Alabama
  • Acision – Richmond, Virginia
  • Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing LLC – Sandusky, OH
  • BASF Corporation-Seneca, South Carolina

“…Robin is a very knowledgeable instructor. The feedback from our internal auditing class attendees was “she really knows her stuff” and “we learned a lot about internal auditing techniques.” “Within two days, we were already applying the information learned.”
Cynthia Hann, Quality Systems Manager – Dalton Corporation, IN

“…From taking this class, I have a little more understanding of Internal Auditing for ISO-9001 2015. I thought Robin Dudash of IQPS did a good job of teaching and she was easy to work with. Now I have to apply what I have learned, thanks to Robin.”
Eugene Hacker, CNC Programmer
Parker Hannifin, EMN-Irwin

“…Robin Dudash has a thorough knowledge of the ISO process and auditing techniques. She provided valuable insights to help us audit our facilities.”
Chris Coors, Quality Manager
Parker Hannifin

“…Robin brought a positive approach to auditing. We were given a good example of performing internal audits. The team was able to discuss findings and determine minor or major nonconformances.”
Ruby Kiotz, Quality Engineer
Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing LLC

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This ISO internal auditor training course introduces personnel to the business management concepts of ISO 9001:2015 with a general overview of the standard, discussing origin and basic concepts. The ISO training course includes information on the registration audit process and the role of the auditee.

Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash
Why Your Organization Should Be ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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In this root cause analysis training course, we will use your company’s own examples of corrective actions. We will discuss, understand and apply the 7-step RCA training process.

The real problem with the typical root cause analysis training class is that after the RCA training, everyone goes back to doing what they were doing before the class. A checklist is provided at the end of the RCA training that assists you in learning the approach to answering a 7-step correction action process. This root cause analysis training checklist will assist you long after the RCA training is complete.

IQPS Onsite Root Cause Analysis Training and Corrective Action Courses are conducted at:

  • Sonneborn Corporation (Witco Chemical), Petrolia, Pennsylvania
  • DynaCraft Industries, Inc., Murrysville, Pennsylvania
  • Mastex Industries, Inc., Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • Ducommon Aerostructures, Monrovia, California
  • C and H Enterprises, Fremont, California
  • Department of Energy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Department of Energy, Albany, Oregon
  • L-com, Inc., North Andover, Massachusetts
  • ECORE International, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Berry Plastics Corporation, Sarasota, Florida
  • Royal Chemical, Macedonia, Ohio

Root Cause Analysis Training and Corrective Action Course Agenda
Why Perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
What Industries Utilize Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Corrective Action Responses Article – by Robin Dudash
Root Cause Analysis Training Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash
Root Cause Analysis Training Onsite Course Signup
Root Cause Analysis Training Course FAQ

“…Robin was helpful in getting my people to look to the source of the problem and solve it.”
S. Spacher, Operations Manager – C & H Enterprises

“…IQPS ran a good root cause analysis training session and equipped us with some structured problem solving methods for medical devices that I believe we’ll be able to apply here at Renal Solutions.”
Rob Gorman, Sr. Director of Quality Assurance – Renal Solutions, Inc

“…Robin Dudash of IQPS is very personable, knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for her clients. I recommend her highly.”
Dale Bernard, President – Holbrook Tool & Molding, Inc.

“…We recommend her highly.”
Todd M. DeVore, Secretary/Treasurer – Bra-vor Tool & Die Co., Inc.

“…Very informative! Learned the process of finding out the cause of an issue.”
Sandy McLaughlin, Quality Tech. – Environmental Express Inc.

“…Robin’s root cause investigating training was just what our company needed. It combined the perfect mix of introducing new techniques along with practical application all in a fun atmosphere that kept the audience engaged.”
Jeff Calafiore, Quality Manager – Environmental Express Inc.

“…Robin Dudash was wonderful. She kept the class interesting and was sure to teach in ways that were easy to follow. This course was very insightful. I feel I am more equipped moving forward in my career!”
Mike Adzema, Warehouse Manager – Royal Chemical

The IATF-16949 executive overview provides guidance and tools for companies that want to ensure their products meet customer satisfaction. 

This course establishes the automotive supplemental requirements of a quality management system and is used in conjunction with the ISO standards. 

Why Companies Implement IATF-16949

  • Demonstrates their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer, regulatory, and safety requirements
  • Enhances customer satisfaction 
  • Creates repeat customers, increases customer loyalty, and adds new clients 
  • Expands into new markets, as some sectors and clients require IATF-16949 before doing business

This course includes the identification of these processes and their subsequent monitor and measurement goal deployment. A detailed discussion of efficiency versus effectiveness ensues with a presentation of a balanced scorecard. This course satisfies the process ownership training requirement. 

Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash
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Onsite IATF-16949 Course conducted at:

  • Blair Strip Steel Company – New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • Presrite Corporation – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Stark Manufacturing – Paris, Arkansas
  • Hoerbiger, Auburn – Alabama
  • Lumentum Operations LLC – San Jose, California

“…Robin Dudash of IQPS is very personable, knowledgeable, and shows genuine concern for her clients. I highly recommend her.”
Dale Bernard, President – Holbrook Tool & Molding, Inc.

Our IATF-16949 Core Tools Course provides a practical discussion and application of the required IATF-16949 Core Tools.

Customer-Specific Requirements

In particular, FMEAs are demystified as to their relationship to control plans and practical application.

Instructor Bio – Robin Dudash
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Onsite IATF-16949 Course conducted at:

  • AK Steel, Butler Works – Butler, Pennsylvania
  • Blair Strip Steel Company – New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • Presrite Corporation – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Stark Manufacturing – Paris, Arkansas
  • Hoerbiger, Auburn – Alabama
  • Voss-Taylor, Dearborn, Michigan

“…Robin Dudash of IQPS is a very personable, knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for her clients. We recommend her highly.”
Reed McGivney, Executive Vice President – Ferrous Metal Processing, Cleveland, OH

“…Robin has been performing our internal audits for a number of years for ISO and now TS-16949. Through her knowledge of our industry as well as the various quality requirements, she has been able to make a significant contribution.”
David Norwood, Operations Manager and Scott A. McDowell, Mgr. of Quality Assurance – Blair Strip Steel Company

“…Robin’s class was informative and held at an excellent pace that kept seven of us intrigued throughout. All of us appear to have taken useful information from this core tools class that will help us continue to satisfy our customers. Thanks!”
Steve Fischer, Operations Manager – Voss Taylor