Certified Software Quality Engineering (CSQE) Course Outline

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Certified Software Quality Engineering Training Course Information

Discuss the importance of implementing software engineering and their consequences if not followed.

Session One – Introduction
  • Certification Exam
  • Body of Knowledge
  • Practice Exam
  • Quality System Standard – ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality Principles & Philosophies
  • Assessment Models
  • Code of Ethics
Session Two – Planning & Process
  • Exam Review & Questions
  • Software Quality Management
  • Software Processes
Session Three – Project Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk management
  • Cost of Quality
  • Contract Review
Session Four – Metrics
  • Software Metrics
  • Process Management
  • Product & Process Metrics
  • Static Metrics
  • 7 Tools of Quality
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • Code of Complexity Metrics
Session Five – Auditing
  • ISO 190011 Auditing Guidelines
  • Auditing Techniques
  • Auditing Workshop
Session Six – Testing
  • Inspection Testing
  • Testing Techniques & Methods
  • Testing Approaches
  • Test Level
  • Test Design and Strategies
  • Test Documentation
Session Seven – Configuration Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Identification
  • Change Control
  • Status Accounting
  • Audit
Session Eight – Review and Practice Exam

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Software Quality Engineering Training Testimonials
“…Passed. Keep doing what you are doing in the class. It must work. Thanks again!”
Jerrod Shaffer
Plexus Engineering Solutions – Neenah, WI

“…Robin, I passed! Thank you so much for your training and encouragement! I really appreciate everything.”
Douglas “Austin” Chadwick, Jr.
Nordson ASYMTEK – Carlsbad, CA

“…I passed! Thank you.”
Julie Snelling
Marine Sciences Laboratory – Sequim, WA

“…I really value the information that I have learned from your CSQE class! It’s great for those that want to expand on their CSQE knowledge. Thank you!”
Evan Lee
ChongQing, China