ISO 9001 Internal Auditing Course Outline

Our internal audit course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an internal auditor and perform effective assessments within your organization. This 16-hour (1.6 RU’s) internal auditing course provides a comprehensive presentation of:

ISO 9001 Internal Auditing Course Syllabus

Introduction to ISO 9001:2015 Overview
The internal audit course begins with familiarization and training in ISO 9001:2015 standard.
Identification of Processes
Learn how to identify internal auditing processes.
Internal Auditing Techniques
Develop a process matric for your organization. Develop an internal audit schedule based on the processes.
Checklist Development
Develop and use an internal audit checklist with aid from a process matrix.
Internal Auditor Techniques and Practical Case Studies
Practice internal auditing techniques through case studies.
Audit Reporting and Corrective Action Follow-up
Review any auditor questions, write an internal audit report, and write an internal audit finding.

We look forward to helping you with your internal auditor training!

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Employee using the IQPS internal auditing course knowledge in his job to conduct internal audit

Internal Auditing Course Testimonials

“…Robin Dudash has a thorough knowledge of the ISO process and auditing techniques. She provided valuable insights to help us audit our facilities.”
Chris Coors, Quality Manager
Parker Hannifin

“…Great course for anyone looking to get into any basic auditing.”
James Hornby – Kingston, Ontario, Canada