Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action Course Outline

This root cause analysis training class is best conducted on-site using your company’s own examples of corrective actions. In this root cause analysis class, we will discuss, understand, and apply the 7-step process root cause analysis method to better appreciate the application of the root cause determination and corrective action process.

The real problem with the typical root cause analysis training class is that after the root cause analysis class, everyone goes back to doing what they were doing before the class. I will provide a checklist in the root cause analysis class that assists you in learning the approach to answering a 7-step correction action process to assist you long after the root cause analysis training is complete.

Session 1:
Step One – Defining the Problem Through Root Cause Analysis
Learn and practice to avoid a rush to judgment and the traditional ‘quick fix.’ We’ll discuss root cause analysis examples during step one.

1 hour

Step Two – Interim Action Using Corrective Action Training
Understood not to be THE answer, practice the process to ensure that the interim action arrived at is the BEST available alternative to provide relief while the permanent solution continues to be determined. We’ll discuss root cause analysis techniques during step two.
 1.5 hour
Step Three – Diagnose
Discuss the use of SPC tools and utilize group problem solving methods, gather and analyze relevant data to arrive at the root cause of the problem.
1.5 hour
Session 2:
Step Four – Select and Implement the Best Alternative
Use the root cause analysis process to ask the right questions to arrive at the BEST and most balanced alternative which meets the requirements and yields the highest benefit and lowest risk.
1 hour
Step Five – Verify Permanent Action
Using predetermined criteria and indicators, this root cause analysis class will compare results to expectations in a systematic manner.
1 hour
Step Six – Applying Process Controls
Know what is to be measured and what readings indicate that the process is in control and the problem corrected. Know what training of personnel is required to monitor and adjust as required.
1 hour
Step Seven – Preventive Measures
What have we learned? Are revised processes properly documented? Risk Analysis of potential problems.
1 hour

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