Client Testimonials

“…I just got my notification that I passed the exam! I did find your course helpful. A day or two before the test, I logged on and printed off several slides from your online course to use as reference materials. Thanks again!”
Jennifer Coble, QS Systems Management
Talecris Biotherapeutics, North Carolina

“…I noticed the difference after I took your course. I was able to answer all the questions this time and had some time left over to spare! I am glad I took your course. Thanks.”
Emmanuel Suresh Veeravalli, Richmond, VA

“…I found that IQPS’s online CSQE class to be very informative, easy to use and the best part is that I passed. Thank you IQPS.”
David Norwood, Operations Manager
Business Performance Solutions & Services, Colorado

“…Robin used practical examples from her experience to cover the CSQE BOK. I not only learned enough to pass the exam, I also gained valuable knowledge that I will use to grow my company’s QA team.”
Gary Shiring
Sr. Software Test Engineer, Pennsylvania

“…I found Ms. Dudash’s insight into explaining the meaning behind the many ambiguous questions of the CQSE exam to be invaluable.  Without her assistance, achieving certification would have been a much tougher challenge.”
Bob Paddock
ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer, The Designer-III Company, Pennsylvania

“…The IQPS CSQE class was helpful to fill in the gaps that existed between the CSQE Primer and my industry knowledge and experience.”
CMJ, Software Quality Engineer – Union Switch & Signal, Inc.

“…Robin’s work experience and knowledge, along with the classroom style learning environment, provided me with the tools I needed to become a Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE). Thanks Robin!”
Jenn Lee
Software Test Engineer, Pennsylvania

“…I had signed up for your online class and the subject matter is so condensed that it is easy to understand and it helped me get a greater percentage of correct answers on my CSQE CD. It is a great course and if anyone is studying for the CSQE certification exam, I will refer them to your website.”
John Foose, Glendale, AZ

“…I found the CSQE test easy to understand and easy to take online. The CSQE course exceeded what I was expecting. The different color fonts and graphical examples were extremely helpful. This methodology took the boredom of technical reading away.”
Patricia Goens

“…Robin was extremely helpful, accommodating to my schedule and needs. The material was very well represented and easy to understand. The final exam was difficult, but was representative of the official ASQ exam. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course as a preparation for ASQ Certification.”
Joseph Verdaasdonk – Rochester, New York

“I learned as much if not more than I learned in the IATA Pharma Auditing Course. Very well done.”
J. Allbright, Kissimmee, FL

“…Robin has been performing our internal audits for a number of years. Through her knowledge of our industry as well as the various quality requirements, she has been able to make a significant contribution.”
Scott A. McDowell, President – Blair Strip Steel Company

“…Robin – I feel you’re the reason we passed our audits. You can put us down for a very satisfied customer.”
Adam von Philp, President – Specialty Strip & Oscillating, Inc.

“…I have known Robin Dudash personally and professionally for over 15 years. I find her disarming personality linked with down-to-earth practical knowledge about application of quality management system standards to be highly valued and constantly sought out by many in the Quality Community in Western PA. and beyond.”
James J. Logrando, MBA Quality Assurance Mgr. – Hastings Machine Company

“…Robin Dudash from IQPS has been performing our internal audits for the last few years. We have found her production and business knowledge informative and invaluable to our company. We know that if Robin is performing our audits, we are sure to pass our Registration Audits.”
Karen Newman, Administrative Assistant – Holbrook Tool & Molding, Inc.

“…Robin has been performing our internal audits for the last couple of years. We have found her knowledge of TS-16949 and her audit techniques to have greatly improved our QMS/EMS System and brought many benefits to our system.”
Kelly Smith, QA Engineer – Glacier Vandervell Bearings Co.

“…Robin Dudash has been instrumental in preparing us for implementation of our ISO 9001 system. Her understanding of the requirements for documentation allowed us to move forward with the project. Robin is very thorough with the audits. Her professional approach was our beacon of light during the initial internal auditing process and helped us all better understand our own procedures. We are pleased with the results and look forward to Robin’s next internal audit. The benefits of a good operating system are already being seen. I can highly recommend Robin Dudash in this field.”
Carl Baxter, President – Baxter Machine Products, Inc.

“…This course was easy to follow and the process for checking and understanding your wrong answers helped to solidify the correct answers.”
Linda Hardy – Vermont

“…The information provided in this course gives a good internal auditing overview and it was presented in an easy to understand format.”
Greg Brown
Evansville, Wyoming

“…Very informative and easy to understand material. Very good and effective presentation for quick grasping of internal auditing material.”
Poornima Gowthaman
Dearborn, Michigan

“…It was a good review of the ISO Standards and how to follow “trail” of “Observation” and “Non-Conformance”.”
Mary Follis
Guerneville, California

“…The course is delivered in a simple, structured and understandable way. It is very useful for newbies, who have good knowledge of their business anyway, but are new in internal audit. The course perfectly outlines the directions and initial actions needed to set up a system of Internal Audit from scratch.”
Orest Kuzemko
Fort Myers, Florida

“…The final exam was challenging and informative. Loved the course!”
M. Bhumireddy
Lemoore, CA

“…I would like to take the time to say thank you, Robin! After taking the Internal Auditor Training course, studying the material for a few hours, and taking final exam, I am so impressed with the amount of detail paid to each aspect of the course. I took the course to advance the status at my job, and now I can’t wait to put this new knowledge to use. Thank you again!”
Amy Schwartz
Chaska, Minnesota

“…I would like to thank you for all your support and patience during the past 7 months, you did help me a lot! Thanks again,”
Jaw-Lin Tzeng
Rockville, Maryland

“…Robin brought a positive approach to auditing. We were given a good example of performing internal audits. The team was able to discuss findings and determine minor or major nonconformances.”
Ruby Kiotz, Quality Engineer
Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing LLC

“…First I’d like to tell you that we have enjoyed your Self-study Internal Auditor Training Course here at Intercon Chemical Company. Some of the group worked through the content together and it has stimulated some good conversation. Almost all of my trainees have taken and passed the exam and they are proudly displaying their certificates!”
V. Zichler
St. Louis, MO

“…Thank you for providing this educational course. I think this course is very important and even if someone is not going in the auditing field it would be beneficial to see how things are run and what to look for in a business point of view.”
Alma Zohorovic
Document Control Specialist
Alphretta, Georgia

“…Robin’s ISO internal auditor training techniques made it easy for us to understand. She explained what to look for and how to handle questions that may arise. “
Stephanie Segura, CSR
Linde Hydraulics Corporation

“…Robin did a phenomenal job with the ISO internal auditor training. It was a very engaging and detailed course, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for ISO certification.”
Jorden Whalen, MFG Engineer
Linde Hydraulics Corporation

“…The ISO internal auditor training was very beneficial and helpful. I feel confident in completing internal audits after attending this training. “
Austin Metze, Warranty Analyst
Linde Hydraulics Corporation

“…Robin Dudash of IQPS is a very personable, knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for her clients. We recommend her highly.”
Reed McGivney, Executive Vice President
Ferrous Metal Processing, Cleveland, OH

“…Very informative! Learned the process of finding out the cause of an issue through the root cause analysis training course.”
Sandy McLaughlin, Quality Tech. – Environmental Express Inc.

“…Robin’s root cause analysis training was just what our company needed. It combined the perfect mix of introducing new techniques along with practical application all in a fun atmosphere that kept the audience engaged.”
Jeff Calafiore, Quality Manager – Environmental Express Inc.

“…I loved the internal auditor course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in internal auditing. The instructor was responsive and answered all of my questions.”
C. Frederick, Reaxis, McDonald, Pennsylvania

“…I am grateful to have found a resource that doesn’t break the bank and provides the knowledge to educate the youth and professionals of tomorrow on the importance of upholding quality products and systems to ensure the safe creation of those products in our society. I will definitely be signing up for another course in the future.”
Jordan Z., Director of Operations, NYSW Beverage Brands

International Testimonials

People all around the world take our Quality online and webinar courses from Innovative Quality Products and Systems, in areas such as the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Philippines! We are committed to helping international students receive the training needed to get to the next level of quality certification. IQPS President Robin Dudash – the world’s most credentialed quality consultant – specifically created online and webinar courses so that international students can prepare for an ASQ exam or get internal auditor training while in front of a computer.  IQPS accepts payment for these courses from inside and outside of the United States.

Review our international testimonials below and visit our Course Page for more information on our Quality online and webinar courses.

CSQE Webinar Course

“…Robin Dudash is a professional and knowledgeable instructor who shows genuine concern for her students. She goes the extra mile for her students. I appreciate prompt and detailed replies and excellent support especially during exam period. Thank You.”
Puay Choo Ng, Singapore

“…The slides from the IQPS, Inc. website are very informative. They have helped me get the key points of the CSQE Exam very quickly and have saved me a lot of time rather than reading other books for the exam. Robin, who is a very nice instructor, patiently answered all my questions and encouraged me to take the exam.”
Alice Mao, Software Quality Analyst, Toronto, Canada
“…Excellent course, very concise and informative. The course content related very well to the real world of Software Quality Engineering.”
David Gray, Quality Specialist, Canada

CSQE Online Course

“..Most of all I want to thank you for all the effort you put in. I am really glad that I took the CSQE online self-study course as it really helped me a lot. Before this course I didn’t know where to start studying but your course really helped me. Throughout the test, I was thanking you!”
Saba Zeeshan Bham, Toronto, Canada

“…I want to say a big thanks to you! You provide this perfect course for the people who want to learn this discipline all over the world. It’s very helpful and broadens my horizon really.
Li Fei, China

“…Great course for anyone looking to get into any basic auditing.”
James Hornby, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

“…I found the Internal Auditing Course easy to understand and easy to take online. Although there were some tricky questions, it demonstrated a high level of quality. It exceeded my expectations.”
Hubert Staberhofer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“…I highly recommend IQPS to anyone seeking to get a foothold on the auditing ladder. The internal auditing online course I took was well-presented and interesting.”
Andrew Pryce, Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province, Thailand

“…Good introduction to the world of Auditing and ISO Management.”
David Francis, New Zealand

“…This internal audit online training course is logical and covers the internal audit area very well. It was a very good test.”
Shiwei (Charlie) Lan, General Manager of Operations
Nautitech Mining System Ltd., Australia

“…The course was simple and introduced a number of key elements in the ISO QMS. There were a number of concepts expressed which deserve some consideration by my company and will help us develop the direction of our Quality Management Systems. This will aid our commitment to ‘Continual Improvement.'”
Peter Stringer, New Zealand

“…The course met my expectations. I will definitely read through the case studies again, as the practical information is the most valuable. The extent of the course is optimal and content is appropriate. In general, this course is helpful and very interesting.”
Ksenia Semenova
Berlin, Germany

“…The course will be of great help to us as auditors as we do our functions in our own workplaces. The course topics are very comprehensive and lots of examples are given.'”
Geoffrey Landanganon, Philippines

“…This ISO internal auditor training course is rather informative on ISO and definitely makes me more aware of the ISO Standard.”
David Phua, France