Event Details

  • Start Date 08/10/2019
  • Start Time 12:40 PM
  • End Date 08/16/2018
  • End Time 03:00 PM
  • Location Cambridge, USA

Event Description.

Middle school students attending two Virginia Schools have had the opportunity to meet an award-winning author. Sharon Flake has written a work of fiction about a 13-year-old African American girl who struggles to fit in with her peers. The book, Skin I’m In, has universal appeal to students as well as adults. Kids like those attending Virginia Schools have a great novel to read that conveys an even greater message – to be happy with who you are; and Virginia Schools students may gain some insight into how others feel along the way.

Remember those awkward days of junior high or middle school? You felt an intense desire to be like everyone else; to stand out was the last thing on earth that you wanted. To stand out from the crowd meant that you were different, and would probably be teased, ridiculed, or even bullied because of it. Flake’s book helps students come to grips with this issue.

The message that the Virginia Public Schools want to send, in addition to this important life lesson, is to get kids more excited about becoming literate. They see the book as a way to inspire reluctant readers in the Virginia Schools to pick up this book, or any other book, and read. For those who can’t read, it’s is a life that is sorely lacking in the wonderful world of words. The leaders of the Virginia Schools want to help their students become more and more literate, and to love doing it. While you can’t force a kid to love to read, you can keep trying, until you find a book or genre that they’re interested in. That’s usually the key that unlocks the joy of reading for kids who are initially resistant.