Event Details

  • Start Date 08/12/2018
  • Start Time 12:40 PM
  • End Date 08/16/2018
  • End Time 03:00 PM
  • Location Garmisch Rd USA

Event Description.

A very special time for preschool kids as they graduate and go into the actual school for the next 12 years. You as a preschool teacher can make sure that this graduation ceremony is memorable for the kid and certainly for the parents. It is this age when the kids are innocent and would probably not know the meaning of graduation but will certainly look back with find memories at the photographs later in life. It is up to you as teachers and parents to make sure that your have that graduation ceremony at all costs.

While arranging for the preschool graduation ceremony make sure that you do this ceremony as if it is an actual college or high school graduation ceremony. For this ceremony you need to let the parent’s know in advance that they need to have a graduation dress ready for their kids. Then you need to arrange for the graduation cap and a scroll.

Invite someone important from the local community where your school is located or else try to at least have someone from the schools administrative board as a chairperson for the event. Based on the budget you can have this at the classroom itself or you can organize it in the school auditorium. You can actually plan the ceremony at some special theater or a local town hall but then you need to check the finances.