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International Testimonials

People all around the world take our Quality online and webinar courses from Innovative Quality Products and Systems, in areas such as the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Philippines! We are committed to helping international students receive the training needed to get to the next level of quality certification. IQPS President Robin Dudash - the world's most credentialed quality consultant - specifically created online and webinar courses so that international students can prepare for an ASQ exam or get internal auditor training while in front of a computer.

The self-study online courses IQPS offers are Certified Software Quality Engineering (CSQE), Internal Audit Training and ISO 9001:2015 Training. Meanwhile, the exam prep webinar courses IQPS offers are Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) and Certified Quality Auditor (CQA). IQPS accepts payment for these courses from inside and outside of the United States.

Review our international testimonials below and visit our Course Page for more information on our Quality online and webinar courses.

CSQE Course Testimonials

Auditing Course Testimonials

ISO 9001 Course Testimonials

CSQE Webinar Course

"...Robin Dudash is a professional and knowledgeable instructor who shows genuine concern for her students. She goes the extra mile for her students. I appreciate prompt and detailed replies and excellent support especially during exam period. Thank You."
Puay Choo Ng, Singapore
"...The slides from the IQPS, Inc. website are very informative. They have helped me get the key points of the CSQE Exam very quickly and have saved me a lot of time rather than reading other books for the exam. Robin, who is a very nice instructor, patiently answered all my questions and encouraged me to take the exam."
Alice Mao, Software Quality Analyst, Toronto, Canada
"...Excellent course, very concise and informative. The course content related very well to the real world of Software Quality Engineering."
David Gray, Quality Specialist, Canada

CSQE Online Course

"..Most of all I want to thank you for all the effort you put in. I am really glad that I took the CSQE online self-study course as it really helped me a lot. Before this course I didn't know where to start studying but your course really helped me. Throughout the test, I was thanking you!"
Saba Zeeshan Bham, Toronto, Canada

"...Great course for anyone looking to get into any basic auditing."
James Hornby, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
"...I found the Internal Auditing Course easy to understand and easy to take online. Although there were some tricky questions, it demonstrated a high level of quality. It exceeded my expectations."
Hubert Staberhofer, Dhaka, Bangladesh
"...I highly recommend IQPS to anyone seeking to get a foothold on the auditing ladder. The internal auditing online course I took was well-presented and interesting."
Andrew Pryce, Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province, Thailand
"...Good introduction to the world of Auditing and ISO Management."
David Francis, New Zealand
"...This internal audit online training course is logical and covers the internal audit area very well. It was a very good test."
Shiwei (Charlie) Lan, General Manager
Operation Nautitech Mining System Ltd., Australia
"...The course was simple and introduced a number of key elements in the ISO QMS. There were a number of concepts expressed which deserve some consideration by my company and will help us develop the direction of our Quality Management Systems. This will aid our commitment to 'Continual Improvement.'"
Peter Stringer, New Zealand
"...The course met my expectations. I will definitely read through the case studies again, as the practical information is the most valuable. The extent of the course is optimal and content is appropriate. In general, this course is helpful and very interesting."
Ksenia Semenova
Berlin, Germany
"...The course will be of great help to us as auditors as we do our functions in our own workplaces. The course topics are very comprehensive and lots of examples are given.'"
Geoffrey Landanganon, Philippines

"...This ISO internal auditor training course is rather informative on ISO and definitely makes me more aware of the ISO Standard."
David Phua, France

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