Corrective Action/Root Cause Analysis Training

A root cause analysis is a process used to identify the primary source of an industrial plant problem. IQPS' root cause analysis training provides the tools and knowledge necessary to develop your skill in solving tough problems in high-tech and industrial settings. Using your company's own examples of corrective actions, we will discuss, understand, and apply the root cause analysis methods and corrective action process to better appreciate the application of the 7-step process. Typical (but ineffective) corrective action responses such as "operator training" and "we promise it will never happen again" are discussed in detail in the RCA class. We will discuss the root cause methods to prevent this from coming back 6 months later.

The real problem with the typical corrective action/root cause methods analysis training class is that after the class, everyone goes back to doing what they were doing before the class. A checklist is provided in the RCA training class to assist you in learning the approach to answering the 7-step corrective action process, which will assist you long after the class is complete. An introduction to Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) is included as part of the preventive corrective action process when needed. The root cause analysis classes are conducted with 8-30 people.

Root Cause Analysis Training At A Glance:
  • Use your company's own examples of corrective actions in class
  • Discuss, understand and apply the 7-step corrective action process
  • Use a checklist approach to answer the 7-step corrective action process
  • Review RCA methods to prevent the root cause from coming back
  • Learn Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Classes include 8-30 people

Taking the time to create a root cause analysis process may take some time and effort in the initial stages, but it is an investment that will extend far beyond the expenses. The skills learned the IQPS RCA training classes can be carried over to almost every other problem or field.

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