Internal Auditor Training

The Internal Auditor Training Course introduces the auditing function and registration process to both the novice and experienced internal auditor. An understanding of the process-based internal audit training approach is gained through the identification of your company’s own processes. This IT auditor course will also show the development of an audit matrix for each process.

The internal audit training will use the audit matrix, developing a checklist using your company’s own processes. A mock process audit is conducted together and then as internal audit teams on-site. For the experienced auditor, this internal auditor course will give expert knowledge on how to take effective samples and use internal auditor training techniques. Some examples of techniques learned in the internal audit training are trace forward and trace back.

Audit results of each internal auditor training team are presented in class, identifying audit trails to be followed-up and nonconformances found. Auditors in the internal audit training course are taught how to write audit nonconformances.

The Internal Audit Training can be combined with an introduction to ISO internal auditor training (ISO 9001). Auditors who have a basic understanding of the internal auditor training requirements can conduct more effective internal audits. Class size: An effective 3-day Internal Audit Training Course is conducted with up to 20 people.


The Internal Auditor Training Course is taught by one of the most credentialed experts in the quality assurance field, Robin Dudash. She blends her experience, knowledge and passion for internal auditing in her lessons to help students learn how to effectively plan, execute, and process audits.

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Internal Auditor Training Testimonials

“…Robin is a very knowledgeable instructor. The feedback from our internal auditor training class attendees was ‘she really knows her stuff” and ‘we learned a lot about internal auditing techniques’ and ‘within two days, we were already applying the information learned.”
Cynthia Hann, Quality Systems Manager – Dalton Corporation

“…Robin’s auditing techniques are amazing. With the Internal Auditor Training Course, I will be able to enhance my job capabilities. I recommend this ISO course to anyone. I can’t wait to apply my new auditing skills. Thanks Robin at IQPS.”
Elaine Sanchez – Parker-Hannifin Automation, California

“…The internal auditor training course is surprisingly of high demand but very balanced. The system to provide constructive feedback but not to reveal the individual answers until the final internal auditor training exam is passed is excellent proof that this is not a “buy course” but a qualitative tool for everyone who is interested to gain knowledge in auditing and quality management. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”
Hubert Staberhofer, Bangladesh