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ONSITE Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis Training
Re-train the Operator?

The typical response for a corrective action is to retain the operator. If that doesn't work, it is time to hold another Root Cause Analysis Training class.

  • Tired of "Solving" the same problem over and over?
  • Overwhelmed with corrective action responses?

The real problem with the typical corrective action training class is that after the class everyone goes back to doing what they were doing before the class.

Learn the techniques to really identify the root cause(s) and solve the problem with root cause analysis training! A checklist provided in the Root Cause Analysis Training class assists you in learning the approach to answering a 7-step corrective action process, and assist you and your classmates long after the class is complete.

Onsite Root Cause Analysis Training classes are conducted at:
  • Witco Co., Petrolia, Pennsylvania
  • DynaCraft Industries, Inc., Murrysville, Pennsylvania
  • Mastex Industries, Inc., Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • Ducommon Aerostructures, Monrovia, California
  • C and H Enterprises, Fremont, California
  • Department of Energy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Department of Energy, Albany, Oregon
  • L-com, Inc., North Andover, Massachusetts
  • ECORE International, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Contact us for more information or to set up onsite Root Cause Analysis Training.

Root Cause Analysis Training Testimonials

"...Robin Dudash of IQPS is very personable, knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for her clients. I recommend her highly."
Dale Bernard, President - Holbrook Tool & Molding, Inc.

"...We recommend her highly."
Todd M. DeVore, Secretary/Treasurer - Bra-vor Tool & Die Co., Inc.

"...Robin was helpful in getting my people to look to the source of the problem and solve it."
S. Spacher, Operations Manager - C & H Enterprises

"...Kevin ran a good training session and equipped us with some structured problem solving methods for medical devices that I believe we'll be able to apply here at Renal Solutions."
Rob Gorman, Sr. Director of Quality Assurance - Renal Solutions, Inc

Root Cause Analysis Training Information
Root Cause Analysis Training Course Agenda


ONSITE Internal Auditing Training
Conducting internal audits and need them to be more effective?

  • No findings but you know they are out there?
  • Frustrated with the people side of performing internal audits?

Further develop your internal auditors through the understanding of closing process loops such as purchasing and receiving inspection. An opportunity to discuss the "people side" of auditing, such as auditing the people you have to "live with".

On-site course conducted at:
  • Areva Transmission & Distribution, Inc. - Charleroi, Pennsylvania
  • Dalton Corporation - Kendallville, Indiana
  • Parker Hannifin Electromechanical Automation, North America (California, New York, Pennsylvania and Minnesota sites)
  • Tru-Die Cast Corporation - New Troy, Michigan
  • Ecore International - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Environmental Express - Vernon Hills, Illinois
  • KH Controls, Inc. - Blairsville, Pennsylvania
  • Linde Hydraulics Corporation - Canfield, Ohio
  • NIOSH - Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania

Contact us for more information or to set up onsite internal auditor training.


"...Robin is a very knowledgeable instructor. The feedback from our internal auditing class attendees was "she really knows her stuff" and "we learned a lot about internal auditing techniques. Within two days, we were already applying the information learned."
Cynthia Hann, Quality Systems Manager - Dalton Corporation, IN

"...Robin Dudash has a thorough knowledge of the ISO process and auditing techniques. She provided valuable insights to help us audit our facilities."
Chris Coors, Quality Manager - Parker Hannifin

Internal Auditor Training Information
Internal Auditor Training Online Self Study Course
Internal Auditing Course Agenda


ONSITE Software Quality Engineering Training
What's Your Definition of Software Quality Engineering?

Software Quality is not just how many bugs are removed during testing.

Software Quality Engineering is defined as:

  • Customer satisfaction of the software product, as defined by functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and serviceability.
  • Customer satisfaction of the software project, as defined by on-time, on-budget and the contracted system requirements.

Our Software Quality Engineering Training teaches students how to document and implement an ISO-certifiable quality system using a software life cycle model, which promotes measurement and cost-effective continuous improvement.

Our onsite Software Quality Engineering Training course is conducted at:
  • Bombardier Transportation - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Union Switch & Signal (now part of Ansaldo STS) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Contact us for more information or to set up onsite Software Quality Engineering Training.

Onsite Software Quality Engineering Training Testimonials

"...Robin used practical examples from her experience to cover the CSQE BOK. I not only learned enough to pass the exam, I also gained valuable knowledge that I will use to grow my company's QA team."
Gary Shiring, Sr. Software Test Engineer - Pennsylvania

"...The IQPS CSQE class was helpful to fill in the gaps that existed between the Certified Software Quality Engineering Primer and my industry knowledge and experience."
CMJ, Software Quality Engineer - Union Switch & Signal, Inc., Pennsylvania

Software Quality Engineering Training Information
Software Quality Engineering Online Self Study Course
Software Quality Engineering Course Agenda


ONSITE IATF 16949 Training - Executive Management Overview
Simplify your IATF 16949 implementation through proper understanding of Customer-Oriented Processes (COP's), Management-Oriented Processes (MOP's) and Support-Oriented Processes (SOP's). Session includes identification of these processes and their subsequent monitor and measurement strategic goal deployment. A detailed discussion of efficiency versus effectiveness ensues.

IATF 16949 Core Tools Training

Provides a practical discussion and application of the required IATF 16949 Core Tools.

Customer-Specific Requirements

In particular, FMEA's are demystified as to their relationship to control plans and practical application.

On-site course conducted at:
  • AK Steel - Butler, Pennsylvania
  • Blair Strip Steel Company - New Castle, Pennsylvania

Contact us for more information or to set up onsite training.


"...Robin Dudash of IQPS is a very personable, knowledgeable and shows genuine concern for her clients. We recommend her highly."
Reed McGivney, Executive Vice President - Ferrous Metal Processing, Cleveland, OH

"...Robin has been performing our internal audits for a number of years for ISO and now IATF 16949. Through her knowledge of our industry as well as the various quality requirements, she has been able to make a significant contribution."
David Norwood, Operations Manager and Scott A. McDowell, Mgr. of Quality Assurance - Blair Strip Steel Company



Software Stakeholder Management - It‘s not all it’s coded up to be
(Presented at 13th Annual International Software Conference and Pacific Northwest Software Conference 2003)
By Robin Dudash


"...I found that IQPS's on-line CSQE class to be very informative, easy to use and the best part is that I passed. Thank you IQPS."
David Norwood, Operations Manager - Business Performance Solutions & Services

"...Robin used practical examples from her experience to cover the CSQE BOK. I not only learned enough to pass the exam, I also gained valuable knowledge that I will use to grow my company's QA team."
Gary Shiring - Sr. Software Test Engineer

"...I found Ms. Dunash's insight into explaining the meaning behind the many ambiguous questions of the CQSE exam to be invaluable.  Without her assistance, achieving certification would have been a much tougher challenge."
Bob Paddock - ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer, The Designer-IIICompany

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