The ISO 9001 Certification Audit is the final step before you are eligible to receive your ISO 9001 certification.  Innovative Quality Products and Systems will perform an ISO internal audit of your quality management system (QMS) and relevant documentation to see if you have met all the ISO 9001 requirements. Read on to learn about the necessary steps that your organization should take before your ISO registration auditor arrives.

  1. Plan – A successful ISO system requires on-going maintenance and can take a long time to implement. Be sure to create a schedule that outlines how you plan to implement your new ISO 9001 system ahead of time, so you aren’t rushing to meet requirements weeks before your official audit.
  2. Have a Clear Understanding of ISO 9001 Standards – You and your team should understand the expectations and what areas will be audited before your ISO registration auditor arrives. Consider taking IQPS ISO 9001 online training class.
  3. Review Necessary Documentation – It’s important to have the following documentation on-hand as your ISO registration auditor needs to reference them:
  • Quality policy
  • Procedures
  • Scope of the quality management system
  • Process map or flowchart
  • Quality objectives
  • Work instructions
  • Forms
  • Records
  1. Prep Your Team – Make sure your employees are up to date on the following areas before your ISO audit with ISO registration auditor:
  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Objectives
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • General Audit Information
  • Interviews

Innovative Quality Products & Systems provides independent Quality and Environmental Management System Auditing services and support for small to large companies, which helps reduce the load on internal staff resources. We can serve as your outsourced internal auditor on a subcontracted basis for ISO internal auditing. Contact us today to learn more!